Aquatica in Orlando Is Simply Just Amazing!

The great water world Aquatica in Orlando, is simply amazing! Have you have been thinking of vacationing in Florida or just traveling to this lovely state for business? If yes, then do not miss out on visiting this awesome location. It is here that fun in the sun happens. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, male or female, want to have fun then look no further. Aquatica in Orlando is the best for those who are vacationing with their families and want to get away for a while. Aquatica is strategically located on the very outskirts of Orlando, Florida. It is a sister park of the famed Discovery Cove and SeaWorld Orlando. It features two beautiful wave pools that cover a total distance of 80,000sq ft., and boasts of man-made white sandy beaches that are fully equipped with chairs, umbrellas, and also sun beds. If you desire to see the sun go down, there is no place better than this venue.

aquatica dolphin slide

It is equally important to note that Aquatica offers a number of entertainment options that include mat slides. The mat slides are popular amongst most of all the age groups and they have Dolphin Plunge as the signature of the entire park. These two entirely enclosed tube slides pass through a well-crafted pool that features a pod containing dolphins named, Juan, Ringer, Pepe, and Ross. You are able to see dolphins in close proximity than never before. Additionally, you can always enjoy the Taumata racer which is an eight-lane race-slide that passes through open and closed section. You will also have the option of Ihu’s breakaway Falls at any given time- a drop pod style body-slide.

Aquatica in Orlando also offers a number of raft slides for family slides and these include; Hooroo Run and Walhalla Wave. You will be able to access the other raft slides including the Whanau way, Tassies Twist, and Omacka Rocka. One thing that you should know is that all these slides vary in style in one way or another in regard to twists, segments, distance, speed zones, height of waves, and of course, time it takes to complete the ride.

aquatica kids area

The fact that you are vacationing with young children should not worry you at all as Aquatica offers you opportunity to have fun. For instance, they will definitely enjoy the play fortress that features dumping water buckets, slides, and ladders, popularly known as Walkabout waters. Additionally, they will be able to access the ever-liked Kookaburra Cove that has relatively smaller slides best for young ones.

The best thing in Aquatica is that you will not only be able to see dolphins, but other animals too. These include mascots, geckos, turtles, and many more. If you’re young ones have never had the opportunity to see reptiles and other creatures before do not forget to check them out when you visit Aquatica in Orlando.

The operating hours are always subject to change based on the number of people who have been admitted at any particular time. While the rides are great, personal cameras are not allowed in any of the tube attractions. There is ample parking space charged based on location, but those with 1 or 2 year passes are exempted. The trained guides can help any guest with disability, lost children, and offer general park information. There is really no reason why you wouldn’t want to check out Orlando’s newest water park Aquatica.

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