Come Kick It at the Orlando City Soccer Stadium

The year 2013 marked an important year for the city of Orlando when the news of a massive outdoor stadium was proposed in the downtown area known as The Orlando City Soccer Stadium. The city began the long journey of searching for funding that would lead to the development of the 25,500 seat mega stadium. In the initial opening many claimed that the new soccer stadium was labeled as being the next era in sport for the city, dubbing it the loudest stadium across the country. With big dreams, came big goals and generally large scale tasks to complete this project. A few good qualities and much backing from the Orlando community created great buzz and anticipation for the upcoming development project.

With spectators in mind, the stadium proposed a special canopy to protect viewers from sun and rain, and to enhance the crowd noise for thundering excitement. It was decided the field would be sunk eight feet below ground for spectacular views while at street level. Effectively following a new generation, all natural grass is expected to cover the field at The Orlando City Soccer Stadium.  It’ll give a more realistic play experience and an estimated 10,000 square foot radius of expansive fan plaza amenities.

It’s integral to note that the new venue is minutes away from the Amway Center and within walking distance of the downtown bar district. Ideally the best location in the city to view and enjoy the sport.

Orlando City Soccer Stadium

orlando city soccer stadium man the wall

For visitors, the hype across the city for this new expansion is addictive, with many excited to tune into the Orlando City games. A wonderful attraction to take a look at and take part in, in the coming years. Similar to the Camping World Stadium, seating will remain as close as possible to pre purchased tickets and seats granted any small changes involving the general stadium structure.

As with all memberships, the Club Member benefits look promising. With the offer of special one-door entry to entire field-wide views and massive air conditioned rooms as well as amenities of food and drink are expected to astound game-goers with awe. Particularly, the full bar and premium food services set to be available. Separate restrooms, parking and entrances give the feel of real VIP treatment. Seats in Club areas are said to be luxurious and comfortable, although nobody expects one to be sitting very long during games. If sitting is your prerogative, though, cup holders have been added by popular consumer demand.

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The Orlando City Soccer Stadium is proudly 100% privately funded and have partnered with big brands including Panasonic to make the dream of this incredible city centerpiece come to reality as quickly and efficiently as possible. For a traveler, the opportunity to see this great stadium opening its doors is an experience hard to forget and well worth the wait.

Only in Orlando can you witness this phenomenal team make their way to the tournament this year, and you can watch it live by vacationing at Orlando. Make sure to come visit The Orlando City Soccer Stadium and see what all the hype is about!

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