Free Disney World Challenge

Your Dream Disney Vacation Awaits

With this round of participants, we’re seeking ONLY 50 fiscally responsible families who will be able to systematically use credit card points to literally save thousands of dollars on their Free Disney World Vacation (or nearly free vacation).

Here is the Challenge

Our family has travelled to Orlando for the past 2 years now and enjoyed a Disney World vacation for just about nothing and we’d like to help other families do the same. We will put together a fully customized plan for you based on your city and family size.

There is a Cost to Joining, Right?

Nope, joining our Disney World Vacation Challenge is absolutely, completely 100% FREE. But here’s the catch, we’re only accepting 50 families who will commit to following our simple plan.


Ready for your Free Disney World Vacation

Free Disney World Vacation


The Participants We’re Looking For

Financially responsible

We’re looking for 50 families to participate in our Disney World Challenge. The ideal family would be one that typically pays their credit card balance in full every month and one that also has a credit score that is somewhere over 700. This is extremely important as we don’t want to lead people on who won’t qualify for the elite level credit cards used in our program. We also don’t want people to wind up in debt because of something that is intended to get you a FREE Disney World Vacation.


Depending on your financial condition, The Disney World Challenge can sometimes take a year. Since we’re very limited in how many families we can accept for our challenge, we are only looking for families who will have the focus and determination to have their goal seen through, all the way to the Magic Castle. Because we’re only taking on 50 families, it’s extremely vital that everyone that we do help will be 100% dedicated to the challenge.


The key to the entire challenge is that you’ll be systematically opening up a few new major credit cards that will unlock the rewards that will allow you to pack your bags for Disney. You will need to move your typical spending each month (groceries, gas, bills, etc.) to these cards new cards. In general, any expense that you typically use a debit card for, you’ll need to be able to put on one of the new credit cards you’ll be opening.


This is supposed to be an awesome thing, right? Right?! We want you to get thoroughly excited by the simple fact that YOU are doing something so that YOUR family is going to be able to go to Disney World — for almost nothing. Something your entire family has been dreaming of for years!


What We’ll Provide the Challenge Participants

Our own step by step directions

Honestly, this is really all you need to make your Disney dreams come true. We will provide you our very own, custom made for you, detailed step by step directions for exactly which new credit cards you’ll need to apply, and when, for and how each is used toward covering the costs of flying to Orlando, your Orlando hotel (onsite at Disney or off, your choice) and your actual Disney World park tickets. In total, you’ll save several thousand dollars.

One-on-one assistance

We’ve done this before— and we’re going to be here from start to finish to help you make the dreams of your entire family come true…from start to finish! We’ll follow up with you, track your progress, answer any and all of your questions, and we’ll help you move forward with the plan.


What We’ll Expect from Participants

Positive attitude

Remember, this is free! And this is Disney World!! Jumping through a couple of legitimate hoops is a small price to pay—and one of the only prices you’ll have to pay.

Social media engagement

In order to keep this as a free program, once you can see the progress that you’ve made, we ask that the participants share their progress on Facebook so that we’ll have referrals who may also be interested in our next Disney World Vacation Challenge.

Are you ready to apply for one of the 50 FREE spots in the Disney World Challenge?


Ready for your Free Disney World Vacation

Free Disney World Vacation