“Scale” Up Your Vacation at Gatorland with Discount Tickets

If you are looking for a crocodile adventure for the whole crew than you need to take your family on this amazing trip to Gatorland. The alligators are ready to welcome you at their shows. Gatorland is the largest home of crocodiles concentrated into one area just right under the Everglades. If you’re looking for discount Gatorland Tickets, you’ve come to the right place. You can get discount Gatorland tickets from Undercover Tourist, the top Orlando ticket seller. I’ve personally bought tickets from them several times. They are also one of the few authorized Disney discount ticket sellers.

From 10am until 5pm you will have a lot to see and enjoy in their territory. Firstly, you can’t miss their shows which take part all day long. You can feed the alligators, sit on an alligator’s back and many other things. Also, after you get up from your “new chair”, you can watch how they wrestling in their arena. Don’t be scared!

gatorland orlando discount tickets

Check out Gatorland in Orlando, Florida

How would you love to see hundreds of alligators and crocodiles from high above on a high rise platform as you swing across them hundreds of feet in the air? Are you ready for such a view? AOL Travel has made a remark on Gatorland’s zip lines saying that it is one of the top 10 best ones in the US. Gatorland has over 41 attractions within its park to keep you more than interested throughout the day. Some of those include:

  • Gator Jumparoo Show – Watch as gators jump 4-5 feet in the air out of water to catch their food.
  • Gator Wrestlin’ Show – An 800 seat stadium where you can watch a trainer wrestle an alligator 6-8 feet in length, put it to sleep on its back, then wake it up with a tickle!
  • Up Close Encounters – You never know what you’re going to get with this one, you may see some snakes up close, or even a baby gator.


gatorland zipline

There are plenty of other tours and adventures for you and your family to delve into such as:

  • Adventure Hour
  • Gator Night Shine
  • Photographers Pass
  • Rookie Wrestling
  • Screamin’ Gator Line
  • Trainer for a Day

gatorland gator

I think you will love to see the Flamingo Island or Emu Enclosure because even if it’s the “land of gators”, you can see different things too. You can see flamingos, emu, pythons, snakes of Florida, giant tortoises too. Not to mention 4 rare albino alligators that you can witness for yourself! Isn’t that amazing? Night Shine is a favorite attraction with local visitors where you only have a flashlight, and you can spot in the water many hungry alligators coming closer to you. Can you imagine all of those red eyes popping out at you at night? Are you ready for such an adventure?

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You must also know that this amazing place is opened since 1949 and it started with baby steps, having only snakes and alligators. Then the owner of Gatorland himself goes into Africa, and India in search of new animals to bring to the park. Gatorland flourished early on as a family business. Look how much it developed up until now!

Don’t miss this fun and great experience. It’s a shame to leave Orlando without going to Gatorland! And don’t worry, you will have lots of photos to share with your friends.

Tickets can be bought starting at the gate for $27 for adults and $19 for children 3 & older, which is one of the cheapest theme parks in Orlando as a whole. OR you can save several $$$ and get discount tickets here from Undercover Tourist, my favorite discount ticket retailer in Orlando. Undercover Tourist is one of only a handful of authorized ticket sellers, most of the others are selling fake tickets! With 41 attractions at such a great price there is no wonder why Gatorland is such a good purchase for your money, and a great time for the family.

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