The Brand New I-Drive 360 in Orlando, Discount Tickets

The brand new I-Drive 360 is a tourist destination located in Orlando, Florida. It features a vast array of food, shops, and fun attractions. Optimized for full family entertainment, I-Drive 360 is certainly not a place to be missed if you plan to travel to Orlando. Don’t pay gate prices for your tickets. Instead you can buy discount Orlando Eye tickets from Undercover Tourist. Undercover Tourist is Orlando’s premier trusted ticket seller, and one of the few authorized Disney ticket sellers.

Orlando Eye at the I-Drive 360

One of I-Drive 360’s main attraction is the Orlando Eye. This feature is essentially a 400 foot Ferris wheel; however, this is no typical Ferris wheel as the typical carnival seats have been replaced with 360 degree viewing capsules. This provides a beautiful view of the surrounding area, including the downtown skyline of central Florida. The capsules are actually air conditioned also, and the ride takes around 30 minutes in total to be completed.

i-drive 360 orlando eye discount tickets

The Orlando Eye makes sure to accommodate all ages, and is accessible by wheelchair as well. This makes it the perfect attraction for any family venturing to I-Drive 360. In addition to this, there is a pre-flight 4D Cinema Experience that is included, which is pretty cool within itself! The Eye operates from 12 pm to 10 pm Monday-Thursday, and on Friday-Sunday it can be ridden between 10 am to 10 pm.

While the Orlando Eye is the main attraction of I-Dive 360, it is far from the only thing to do in the area. If heights aren’t your thing, you can embark in an adventure under the sea at the Sea Life Aquarium. Home to everything from sea horses to Black-tip Reef Sharks, the aquarium is an interactive way to enjoy underwater life while on your trip to the I-Drive 360 in Orlando.

idrive 360 acquarium

One of the most impressive features of the aquarium is the 360 degree viewing tunnel, in which you can surround yourself in the center of the aquatic life. In addition to these two major features, the Skeleton Museum is also something to be sure not to miss. This attraction includes over 450 skeletons of different species, composed of real bones! The museum is both fun and educational, and certainly not something to be overlooked.

Dolphin 25K

With all these tourist attractions, at some point you’re going to have to eat! Good thing the I-Drive 360 includes a wide range of dining options. Whether you are in the mood for a dinner as formal as sushi or as casual as chicken wings, the wide array of restaurants provide you with this and much more. You and you’re whole family can go have dinner at one of the many family friendly restaurants, or (if you are over 21) you can hit the famous Somm Wine Bar and then go explore the vast night life of I-Drive 360.

One of these night life features is the Cowgirls Rockbar, which features a mechanical bull! You can swap turns with your friends to see who can last the longest as you get slung around on the bull, or if you aren’t feeling like testing your skill on a bull, you can go see what band is preforming at Tin Roof. With a new band coming in every day, Tin Roof features good music, craft beer, and an overall great atmosphere that will ensure you have a good time.

idrive 360 arcade city

You can end your night at the I-Drive 360 Arcade that has all of the latest favorite app games such as angry birds, to the always popular claw machine games. There is so much to do at I-Drive 360 in Orlando, and with this huge new addition to Orlando I can only imagine that the nearby area will continue to flourish into new great attractions to visit as well. Make sure to go out and visit I-Drive 360 today!

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